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Your local audiologist specializing in:

Ear Wax Removal via Micro suctioning

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) Assessments

Adult Diagnostic Hearing Tests

Child Diagnostic Hearing Tests (2.5 years and above)

High Frequency Audiometry 

Tinnitus Assessments and Treatment

Musicians and other Custom Earplugs

Bookings available now! Open from Wednesday to Friday 9am - 5pm. Bookings essential. 

My clinic is located at 682 Mt Albert Road, Royal Oak, Auckland 1023. 

Please call on 021 0528404 or 09 2176944 (calling between 8am-7pm are accepted any day of the week) or you can email me at chatu@oakhearing.co.nz


My Services


Full Adult Diagnostic Test (18 years+)

45min - $85

This assessment takes 45 minutes and comprises of the following:
Otoscopy – A look inside your ear canal
Immittance Audiometry – A small plug will be placed into your ear and you will feel a change in pressure. This measures how well your ear drum is moving. If safe to do so, we do Acoustic Reflex testing which presents a series of loud sounds in your ears and measures the response. 
Puretone Audiometry – Using Headphones or Inserts, you will be asked to push a button when you hear a beep sound. This test measures the extent and nature of your hearing loss (conductive, sensorineural or mixed) and helps us give you the most accurate treatment options.
Speech Audiometry- You will be asked to repeat back words you hear at different volumes. 
Speech in Noise Testing - Often hearing in quiet is not a concern but you have difficulty hearing in background noise. This test measures how well you compare to someone in your own age bracket.

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In the heart of royal oak


ProHealth Hub

682 Mount Albert Road
Royal Oak
Auckland 1023

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Oak Hearing

682 Mt Albert Road, Royal Oak, Auckland 1023

09 2176944

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